Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Hang the BBC

Why should Islanders continue to pay the TV-licence fee? Apart from an annual saving to the Island economy of several £millions, not paying might help reduce what I believe is a psychological assault on British communities like ours.

Prior to the mid-nineties, the BBC was an icon of quality and integrity; it used to entertain and educate. These days it appears not only to have been dumbed-down, but to resort to: social-engineering-propaganda. Instead of entertainment we have lifestyle programmes to instruct us how to live; and instead of education, we have indoctrination of how to think, in line with ‘political correctness’. The BBC has surrendered its editorial independence to the growing army of ZaNuLabour spin doctors, with willing compliance from the legion of feminist producers.

Last week for example, I was listening to radio 4’s PM, and they had an item about the loss of a million miners’ jobs, “both men and women”; but when talking about another item on flexitime and how it effected the family, they never once during 10 minutes mentioned men or fathers in relation to families, whereas women and mothers were mentioned frequently. So when I pointed out on a BBC forum that there are more fathers than female miners, I was accused of misogyny by the forum regulars, who are happy to see men air-brushed out of the family, and into the nearest prison, no doubt; and when I called them feminist bigots, the BBC terminated my online account. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Consider how much airtime is given to strident female artists singing of the glory of ending relationships with men, and in some instances, wantonly promoting homosexuality among girls; whilst boy artists sing as pathetic love sick puppies. Straw men feature extensively in the BBC dramas and soaps; where not only are they sidelined from the family but are often portrayed as idiots or villains. They are targeted as punch bags by ‘empowered’ women, who occasionally justify the murder of men on moral grounds; an attitude running through NuLabour, which wants to change the law from murder to manslaughter for women that kill men. Note also the prevalence of gay historians retelling our past regarding how bad men were, and how women and gays heroically survived their insurmountable prejudices, and are responsible for all the positive things in history. Men get plenty of airtime when it comes to crime and deviancy however, and the BBC manages to find news of rape and abuse, to keep the neurotic on message, and the didactic harridans in focus. The government, via the BBC, is remoulding our sense of decency and identity in its own image: a Chimera composed of the likes of Patricia Hewitt, Jacqui Smith, The Lord Mandelson, and Harriet Harman.

A community is held together by the nuances of decency, the social norms that help us identify with the sense of right and wrong we all share. Divisive propaganda, that splits society into saints and sinners, works upon those nuances, undermining cohesion and morale in the process. The lowering of morale would typically be the prime aim of an enemy to aid invasion; indeed, Lord Haw-Haw was hung for less. When contentious factions are mischievously rewritten into the identity of a community, then the social instinct will retract toward the intimate and familiar. We will see the formation of cliques and gangs in reaction to the perceived threat of the greater community; and those that hold the male pariah in contempt, will retract further into the insularity of the single parent home. This has already happened in the main cities, and is in the process of happening in small communities like ours. We need to act purposefully by not feeding the BBC palimpsest with our money; and positively reassert our natural and inherent sense of right and wrong, to openly thwart the feminist organ that is poisoning the communal well.


Anonymous said...

Feeling better now JG? The lack of comments on almost all of your posts indicate that not only are you shouting *from* the void, but you are also shouting *into* the void...

For the benefit of others reading this, follow his link and click on the blue "U11235707" text. You'll find his entire comment history. Let's just say that, like Mr. Ross and Mr. Brand, Mr. Giro has form...

And whatever forum you contribute to, calling the moderators bigots isn't likely to endear them to you...never mind accusing the majority of people that replied to your rants bigots as well...

Unless, of course, your aim wasn't to foster serious debate but to foster a flamewar, where the issues are lost in amongst the childish name-calling from both sides of the fence.

JimmyGiro said...

Better Brand than bland... welcome to the void "anonymous".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You don't half write some unsubstantiated bollocks, Jimmy. Ever thought of getting out and seeing the real world? I went to the BBC Blog you linked to. Seems like pretty much all the "points" you made were refuted by the other posters there, referring to facts. You may want to consider the fact that you're just plain wrong! I know people sometimes say the voice in the wilderness is the one speaking the truth (citing Galileo). Most of the time, it's just someone who pouting off nonsense...

Anonymous said...

I would take encouragement from those Annonny comments.
Keep it up. :)

The graphic is ace btw.

I use the BBC for 2 reasons:
1) It's usually on the ball for breaking newz (In one famous case almose 8 years back it did it nearly 40 mins before the event actually happened!)
2) To use the propaganda turdlets it shoots off afterwards to understand what's more likely to be happening. The process is turdlet inversion.

The time for Boadicea Boden will surely come. I just wish it would hurry up. Truble is, I know some other tit of a presstitute director will fill Herr palce.

Looking at it, I think you've got a point about the Misandry in the BBC. Bra burners revenge for the man dominated early years of the Beeb?

Anonymous said...


Facts before us are;

A- BBC is worse than yea olde TASS, Pravda, etc. with a difference, in the old USSR there were no license fees for TASS, but BBC has got it!

B- BBC has been busy pushing the gay and feminist agenda to the extent that if anyone is not a lesbian out reach worker these are not normal people, and are abominations to normalcy whom ought to be put through correction gulags.

C- why on Earth would you want to post in their forum, and give them the satisfaction, pull the bastards to bits here, and make sure you direct all and sundry to read them too.

D - have a look at this site too;

E- BBC has long ceased to be of any use, it is no longer fit for its purpose, this was highlighted by the Jeremy Bowen reprimand for being too harsh on Israelis.

F- Remember, as colonel Colt made all men equal, Internet has made all men equally opinionated, so tell the Izzy lovin, lickspittels in BBC, they can shove it, I wish they would only stop charging us for the privilege of putting up with their propaganda too.

Oh, Happy Days,

Oh, Happy Days,


JimmyGiro said...

Cheers lwtc247 and HappyClappy,

I personally don't have a TV any more, using radio and the internet instead. But occasionally you see it in the homes of internet-shy family and friends, and it induces a 'Vietnam-vet' type flashback.

BBC i-Player is used to watch the occasional gem, like Omid Jalili, Reginald Perrin, and HIGNFY; but these are the ever rare exceptions that highlight the rule.

ITV and C4 are also suffering; was this brought about by the quality of the competition? I doubt it, as the Internet's charm is its lack of didacticism, and not its polished presentation of shined-shit. So the only reason there are still some men watching TV, is they are shy of computers and therefore have no convenient alternative for casual home entertainment.

This will make the TV audience ever more like the members of the B-ark; those left behind as too timid, neurotic, or stupid to move on to the internet. We know who they are too, as they use the vogue vocabulary of the single source; ever noticed the sudden increase in the pejorative term 'do-gooder', as used by the TV mouth breathers?

Also notice that dumbing down of TV isn't just for the inclusivity of fuck-wits; there is a propositive attitude against what they call 'elitism', another pejorative to control the mouth breathers from getting above the status of Jeremy Kyle. I wouldn't be surprised if having an IQ above room temperature isn't regarded as another characteristic of ADHD, to be cured with kiddy's 'medicine', or as HappyClappy suggests, to be "put through the correction gulags". Maybe they could make it prime time reality TV: "Universally Challenged".