Sunday, 7 October 2012

6 Out Of 100 ‘Rapists’, Prefer Rape

On 1st January 2010, the Isle of Wight County Press disclosed as part of Ross Findon’s article: “£20,000 anti-rape campaign” that there were 42 reported rapes on the Island in 2009; and 53 reported in 2008; according to police figures.

The campaign comes from the Hampshire Police:

“The Don’t Cross The Line campaign is designed to tackle issues around serious sexual offences by increasing interaction, promoting debate and providing access to information.

It aims to raise awareness of the chain of events that can lead to rape, dispel common myths and provide information that will enable people to make the right decisions. Ultimately it is about keeping young people safe. We will proactively explain rape in their terms, on their territory, before it is too late.

Previous national and local campaigns have focussed on women and the risk they put themselves under through alcohol consumption. The emphasis has been on them taking steps to protect themselves. Rather than place the onus on women, we’ve taken the unique approach of focusing on young men. We want potential offenders to consider their actions, while also raising awareness of acquaintance rape so that women can keep themselves safe.

The issue of consent is right at the centre of this. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 stipulates that a defendant in a rape case must show that they have reasonable grounds to believe that the other person had given their consent. The campaign aims to reduce incidents of rape by ensuring that men understand the need to gain active consent before they have sex.”

The last line makes rape out to be some kind of faux pas of a civil contract, rather than a violent act of sexual aggression invoked by the terms “serious sexual offences”. It is bad enough in itself to cry wolf for attention, but these campaigns sneak in a redefining of the terms, so that a fox is regarded as a wolf, and tried accordingly. And maybe the courts agree, when faced with a jury of real people like you and me, the proportion of convictions from the number of reported rapes, is less than 6%, according to a Home Office Study of rape, as reported on the Campaign to End Rape website. As with hawks and herons, Islanders know the difference between a fox and a wolf.

That means for an Island with population of 132,719; of which 63,685 are male, according to 2001 census, and 50971 are males between the ages of 10 and 74; that there will possibly be nearly 3 real rapes per year, and the chance of any viable Wightman being a rapist for that year is about 1 in 17,000.

Not to be outdone on the question of viability, the campaign relies on the ‘fact’ that “most rapists are men aged 16 to 24”, which will increase the odds of a male in that age bracket being a real rapist to about 1 in 2000 based on there being approximately 6000 Wightmen between 16 and 24 years of age, inclusive, and that these are responsible for all of the nearly 3 rapes per year, and that each rape is unique.

So for every 50 rape accusations reported, there are plausibly 47 young male victims of false witness; of which about 16 will be charged and hence about 13 will be wrongly placed in remand custody, until a sane jury has an opportunity to free them from the insane system that flatters feminist misandry.

Are these campaigns, which invariably claim to safeguard the perceived ‘victims’, designed to aid justice, or to extol misandric malfeasance? How many of the real rape victims are helped by the encouragement of male slander? Since it is clear that there are more victims as a result of the abuse of law than as a result of rape; the conclusion must be that these well funded feminist campaigns are aided by crime rather than by justice. For example, this year there will probably be 3 rapes on the Island with or without the campaign; but the number of innocent Wightmen falsely accused will increase disproportionately with such campaigns; as it would if there was an increase by 1 real rape that was caught. Indeed, feminist misandry needs more real rapists to succeed, for they are paid, not by crimes stopped, but by perceived crime increase. The feminists have a symbiotic need of real rapists, as do the police, who measure their success from the quotas of convictions rather than the amount of actual crime reduced.

There just aren't enough rapists to go around, so those agencies that earn their daily crust from helping victims of rape will need to conjure up the next best thing, which is the fear of rape based on Wightmen’s natural profile, rather than a real rapists profile; after all, there are more Wightmen than rapists:

“Rapes usually take place in private premises.

Nearly half of all rapists know their victims.

Sexual assault is about power and control, not sexual attraction.”

Notice that these factoids from the police site, do away with numbers altogether, and concentrate on type profiling. Notice also that the last quote asserts that sexual attraction is not part of the defining characteristic of rape, and yet the campaign is targeting the sexually promiscuous age group!? Now let us paraphrase those last quotes:

Slander usually begins in private premises; with the real risk of you losing yours and becoming homeless and despised.

Practically all slanderers know their victims gender; for this is a feminist hate crime.

Slander is about power and control, not justice; the identity of the slanderer is protected, whilst the names of their victims are dragged through the shit.

If punishment fits the crime, then those who have been falsely accused have at least suffered, through unjust punishment, the equivalent of that ‘crime’, by the full unyielding violence of the law. Further, the true rape victim may fear a single man or even be persuaded by feminist harridans, to fear an entire gender; whereas the falsely accused will fear the betrayal of society itself, with just cause, hence they would have suffered far more than a genuine rape victim.

Indeed, so called rape victims are often promoted as 'rape survivors'; how many of the growing legion of the falsely accused can proudly strut in public as a 'falsely accused’ rapist survivor?

The motives that drive a slanderer to commit their evil deed, maybe as varied as lying itself; as nobody does what they believe to be wrong. Some slander for financial gain, and some through ideological or social malice; but those agencies such as the police, and all other publicly funded Marxist-Feminist groups, that support, encourage, and further profit from slander, are the epitome of malfeasant evil. They have made a cold calculated choice to act with full prejudice against the sacred innocence of Wightmen; using the subversive propaganda of their rape and abuse campaigns as perverse didaches from the church of Marxist-Feminism, to persuade neurotic and naive women to regard natural love, and the heterosexual family, with fear and contempt.

By establishing an evil political compact between Marxist-Feminism and the judiciary, the publicly funded ruling bureaucracy has treasonably rendered the social contract between the innocent, and the authority of law, null and void.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Here's where your Grandfather gave back to that woman her white feather, and married her nice friend; a reward in those days, for winning their freedom. Here's where your Auntie dodged a bullet from a raiding Junkers 88, as it fled from our skies back to Brunnhilde, and European slavery. Here's where your Father brought home your Mum, liberated from Il Duce, for the price of a bullet in the gut. Here's where that little girl drowned; all before you were born.

Here in our pyjamas, through the bedroom window, we heard the first cuckoo of spring. Here's where we ran from the farmer's shout, and learned to hold our breath. Here's where we caught sticklebacks and slow worms, and saw how things live and die. Here's where we asked for a penny-for-the-Guy, and discovered the smell of anarchy and jacket potatoes. Here's where they accused you of chopping off a dogs tail, and you burned with the injustice of that slander. Here's where you listened in hope for Dad's return, and learned not to fear death, but to hate it. Here's where they made you read and write, slowly, then surely.

Here's where you scored the winning goal, and shared the glory. Here's where we ran into the cold night air, laughing at anything; laughing at nothing. Here's where her freckles melted into your eye, and her smile lingered through space and time. Here's where we parted, never to speak. And here, in the woods, fields, streams, and 'blue remembered hills', lay what makes us what we are, root and branch. Here in Gethsemane, where, for thirty promises, some will betray our hard won sky to the fear of a thermal death. And here is where the butterflies of our shared memories will be broken on the wheels of outrageous Wind Turbines.

Here is the fulcrum between yesterday and tomorrow. Here is the fork between liberty and Robespierre, the thin line between love and hate. Here is where they threw us the apple of discord: “to the most politically correct”. Here is Occam's razor, where you and I must fight, toe to toe. Here is the anvil of our democracy, where the circle and the ellipse are being forged into a new Pavlovian sanity. Here comes a candle to light you to bed, and here comes a chopper to chop off your head: whumph... whumph... whumph...