Friday, 12 August 2011

War-Droids on Parade

Yesterday evening (August 11th), whilst returning from the local IoW Newport Lidl, there was a woman in her 30s, looking somewhat dazed and bemused; wearing autumn clothes, and surrounded by about six fully kitted (armoured but no guns) Hampshire coppers, who were clumsily taking it in turns to persuade her to go into one of the three police cars that had arrived, and parked themselves about on the pavement.

And to add to the overkill, a cycling bobby, and a female PCSO turned up; though the latter continued walking by, seemingly as lost as the 'target'.

So a quiet simpleton, possibly walked out from one of the psychiatric wards from up the road, is mobbed by a bunch of over-trained war-droids. Needless to say, the next reaction is for her to panic. She spent the next 5 minutes screaming for help; whilst her Majesty's finest, stood holding their collective dicks.

Tonight will be the Cowes' firework display; which typically draws the largest crowd the Island ever experiences, bar the musical festival possibly. But the crowd at the fireworks is predominantly local families.

Amongst this traditionally peaceful gathering, will always be the minority of drunken lads and lasses; who in the past have been contained by no more than a friendly ‘tut-tutting’, when the language has gone a little over to the blue side.

This year, the Hampshire Police force, priding themselves as the most gay friendly force in the country, has given us fair warning that police levels will be elevated this year to counter any 'trouble' at the event, in light of the riots on the mainland.

What's the bet that next year it won't be as much a family event? Give a dog a bad name…