Thursday, 19 November 2009

Are We Safe Or Are We Sorry?

Isn’t it queer, that the more criminals we take out of society, the more measures against crime are supposedly needed?

According to them that study our ancestors, the brain of modern man has not changed physiologically for thousands of years. It is plausible therefore, that the proportion of ‘bad’ people in society should be a constant throughout the centuries; and due to evolutionary selection, that proportion would become minimal for a just society to thrive. Hence a society becomes evil, not through the composition of its people, but via the choice of its politics. Our prisons are over full, not because there are more bad men, but due to degenerate government, and its desperate laws; especially those sanctioned by a stagnant democracy.

Democracy sits upon a stool of three mutually opposed legs: freedom, equality in law, and Justice; whereby each depends on the others for integrity. If all citizens were truly equal at the human level, democracy would be redundant, since one clone would be as representative as any other, hence voting would become needless after the first opinion; and if one clone was true and honest, there would be no need of law, since all would be guiltless. In our natural world, individual freedom is a bane to synthetic equality; therefore democracy is a perpetual dynamic compromise between its constituent antagonistic rights. To make democracy purposeful, individual freedom is necessary; and to stem the risk of chaos, brought about by our vain identities, just laws are imposed to contain our free impositions upon each other. True Justice however, requires artificial balance to ensure fairness via reciprocity, thus the accused must have ‘equal status in law’ to the accuser; which necessitates the presumption of innocence, until proven otherwise. By its very nature of compromise, democracy can never be perfect, hence it is a contradiction to utopia; but nevertheless is the best real solution for a just society that aims to maximise fairness in accord with the weight of public opinion.

Utopians seek perfection, which is the enemy of the good, by trying to force the natural dynamism of democracy to fit their own manifestos; whether they seek more freedom, or more equality, or more Justice, or combinations thereof, they invariably must do so at the expense of one or both of the other democratic complements. Hence under utopian ideals, democracy risks losing its stability, for any position other than the natural equilibrium position, is unstable relative to it. Utopian systems have a nasty tendency to prop up their induced instabilities, by increasing laws in both number and severity, which in turn compromises both Justice and freedom, thence strains the natural dynamism of democracy until it becomes stagnant.

Ask the mediaeval Popes, or Stalin, or Mao Zedong, or Pol Pot, or Goebbels, or Harriet Harman, and they would probably tell you: “the best way to control the people with minimum resources, is to sell them equality, then persuade them through suspicion, to fear the heretic.” In an evil society, we fear innocence and celebrate guilt; and through the agency of false-witness: man denounces man; wife denounces husband; child denounces parent; and the feminist-Marxist government denounces the heterosexual family.

Meanwhile in our utopian feminist society, state propaganda has moulded democracy into a Trojan horse, subverting Justice into the mediocrity of synthetic ‘equality’, gained at the expense of men’s Justice and economic freedom. To achieve universal mediocrity, schools prescribe Ritalin for boys, and proscribe erudition for girls; whilst the colleges bulge with over subscribed pseudo sciences; and the rest of the people are coached on what to do, say, and think, by the scriptwriters of “EastEnders” and “The Jeremy Kyle Show”, as they chum the waters with cultural discord and false-witness in the name of the ‘new democracy’, trammelled by political correctness, at pain of legal consequence.

The enemies of false-witness, and the champions of truth, are the ever dwindling number of freethinking and outspoken men; who put truth and democratic principles above synthetic law, and their own safety. So it is inevitable that our quota-chasing police, who are armed to the teeth and ready for war, will pursue the remainder with extreme prejudice, and over 4,000 new laws. Typically, the first collateral casualty will be truth, as Justice, blinded by state sponsored paranoia from self-serving quangos, overlooks the evidence of men’s innocence; close behind will fall free speech, trampled to death under the Marxist bigotry of ‘political correctness’; and finally, just criticism, reclassified as the deranged obloquy of heretical ‘hate speech’.

Benjamin Franklin wrote: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I would add that this applies to the presumption of innocence also; for without that essential right, state malfeasance is free to reign unchecked, and ultimately inure a universal contempt for our democratic laws. The reason being that the guilty are associated by the uniqueness of their crime, but the innocent are associated with the legion of innocence; thus presumption of guilt for one, is the condemnation of presumed innocence for all. And what pull of Justice does a Wightman have if he is condemned pre-emptively: “People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.” [Edmund Burke].

Wightmen must wake up and smell the oestrogen of our stagnant democracy; Liberty is being poisoned in the cradle, left begging at the dole queue, and sent to rot in the prisons. Evil is not the shame of bad people doing bad things, it is the purchase of state-of-the-art political propaganda, that inspires false-witness. Without false-witness, evil cannot corrupt, and without either, what would goad good men to do bad Justice? Our prisons are not just filling up with more bad men, they are filling up with any men, accompanied by the paranoid utopian fascist chorus of “better safe than sorry”.


ScareCrow said...

Good blog.

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JimmyGiro said...


As for commenters, they probably have their own blogs to play with; and besides, my output is not so copious to attract regulars.

Anonymous said...

"Democracy" is highly utopian, and "liberty" crushes itself.